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So you’re looking to set up a new website/app. You’ve got a good idea of what your project will be about, what content you’ll have on it, whether you’ll be selling products/services, the list goes on. Now to get started with Thonem!

It seems like you’re all ready to begin now, right? But wait, what about your platform? If you’re reading this, you’ve probably chosen or are considering choosing – Thonem. But perhaps you aren’t sure how to begin. Or maybe you just need a refresher on how it works. This article will help make the process easier by taking you step by step on how to get started with your Thonem site.

Please note: there are big differences between Thonem and E-Commerce Thonem, in this guide we’ll be sharing the difference and how to obtain the suitable one.

Step 1: Find the Best Hosting for Your website and install Thonem

The easiest way to use Thonem host service, so you can build your website through one click, or you can get hosting from any hosting provider that support Apache and PHP5.6+ (PHP7.1+ is recommended) for the best performance.

If you plan to get host form another provider you will have to install Thonem on your own by download Thonem source code from here.

and then follow up this instructions to install it

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name



Step3: Customize your style



Step4: Customize your language


Step5: Customize your Website/APP functionality