keyboard_arrow_left How to create a Thonem Theme

to create a Thonem CMS theme you should add important elements to apply your first theme.

Step1: Create theme folder

You should create the theme folder that will be your future package. this folder should be placed on styles/theme/[new folder]

Step2: Create Database Entry

go to the database and add this command after updating the folder name

INSERT INTO `themes`(`name`, `path`, `version`) VALUES ('New theme', 'new_theme', '1.2.0')

  • name: the theme name
  • path: the folder name
  • version: which thonem version your theme is supporting

Step3: Build the theme structure

create the main folders and files like the following:

  • theme.php
  • pagination.php
  • layout/default.php
  • layout/ajax.php
  • share_templates/simple.php
  • page_templates/default.php
  • elements/
  • menu_templates/