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A module is a software component, API or part of a program that contains one or more routines and tasks. One or more independently developed modules make up a program or integrate to another system. An enterprise-level software application may contain several different modules as Thonem, and each module serves unique and separate business operations and adding new features.

Modules make developer's life easier by allowing the developer to focus on only one area of the functionality of the software application.


How to install Thonem Module

Step1: Login your Thonem administration panel

Step2: Go to Configurations -> Modules -> Import -> select the (.thm) file and click upload

Step3: Manage your module, you may need to apply a new user permissions from usergroups to let Thonem users use some features of the new module as long as some modules usage vary, so you should give a look on the module documentation too.

Congratulations, You're done